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DJSS - ~{: Revelations :}~ DJSS - ~{: Revelations :}~

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff BUUUUUT

its a great track man, love the synth. Unfortunately the drums kind of bring it down, to me the drum beat doesnt match or flow correctly with the synth and progression of the song. But hey i still give you props man!

steelside responds:

Well, is it really the drum beat you dislike or is it the synth parts? If it's the synth parts I can understand that, a lot of people told me about them so I spent a long ass time fitting them in to be like glitter or sprinkles so they make a nice addition but not overpower the song, I wanted the drums to overpower the song. I'm pretty sure most DnB songs have this beat or something similar, this is pretty slow for a DnB song, only 100 BPM, but its the same or similar beat. Is it the beat exactly or the sound of the drums?

PM me with response when you can.